Spotinst console enables to view an audit list of events in your Elastigroups.

Audit page will show recent events in Elastigroups to enable tracking and better visibility of actions regarding your resources.

Audit events will present following info regard every event:

  • Timestamp
  • Type
    e.g. update Elastgroup, delete Elastgroup, detach instances, update Ocean and etc.
  • Resources Type
    Elastigroup or Ocean
  • Resource ID
  • User Name

For every event there’s a detailed view for the event which includes additional details like Event Id and payload of action.


How To?

In Spotinst console, navigate to Audit under Account Management:


On audit page there’s a view of recent events with relevant data.

Time filter is available on top right side of events table:


Search in events is available on top left side of events table:


Click on event will expand the event and show additional info:


Clicking on resource name will lead to resource view. e.g. clicking on Elastigroup name will redirect you to Elastgroup page.