While settings up your Spotinst account you are creating an Organization and Account entities. The Organization will be in most cases singular and you can create multiple accounts for different teams or projects within the Organization. Each account can be set up to use any supported cloud provider and cloud provider account.


When registering to Spotinst, it automatically creates an Organization.

An Organization holds your initial company account and is identified by name or name and division (for example, Spotinst or Spotinst-USA).

The organization holds one or more Spotinst Accounts which can be associated with your Cloud account. The purpose of the Organization is to help you manage all of your settings across multiple accounts in one place.

In the Organization you can define the following:

  • User Managment– Create, Manage, Delete, Associate Users to accounts.
  • API tokens – Generate and delete Personal & Temporary tokens
  • MFA Authentication – Enable/Disable Two-Factor Authentication for your spotinst user
  • Identity Provider (SAML) – Connect your Organization to an IDP (or use a Custom SAML)
  • Billing – Generate billing reports for your Organization
  • Spotinst Plan – view your Spotinst plan and activate your Organization


Get Organization Id

Navigate to the ‘User’ icon on the top right side of the console, click “Settings”:


Linked Organizations

In case you need multiple Organizations (for multiple divisions or units in your company), you can create linked organizations which can share settings and configuration such as:

  • Billing Information (* can be separate if needed)
  • Master Dashboards & Reports

This is how it can be done:



When registering to Spotinst, it automatically creates an Account in your Organization.

Spotinst account is a child entity of your Organization. You can manage multiple Accounts in which each account is connected to a different Cloud Provider Account. This allow you to manage multiple accounts and users under the same Organization.

Note: A Spotinst Account is an equivalent to an AWS account.


In the Account you can define the following:

  • Cloud Provider Account – connect your Spotinst account to your Cloud Provider account (this is not mandatory, you can have an account that is not associated with a Cloud provider)
  • Attach Users – Attach existing users in your Organization to the account (note, users must be created in the Organization level)
  • Notifications – Define Email/Slack notifications for your Organization (https://help.spotinst.com/hc/en-us/sections/115001355285-Notifications)

Add Accounts

There are two ways to add accounts to your Organization.

Spotinst Console:

Spotinst API:

Spotinst API – create account

Get Account Id

The Account ID is required for API and SDK interactions with the Elastigroup configuration. Inorder to obtain it, log in to the Organization and select the Account you want to get the ID for.

Next, go to the settings menu:

In the Settings menu – locate the Account Tab and the Account ID:

Note: The Account ID is required for any API call or SDK call unless it is for the default Account.