Users management in your account is simple and easy to manage. these users management settings are relevant to UI users and the activities they would perform in our console.

Programmatic users are defined for using our API without using a specific UI user credentials.

Separating the UI and API users provides clearance on activities in our system and user who made the specific action.

Set programmatic user can be in the organization level or on the account level.

The account level will provide access to API actions regarding the account resources.

Organization level will provide access to API actions regarding all resources managed in Spotinst in the organization.


  • Programmatic user will not have access to the UI
  • Only admins can create a programmatic user
  • Once created, we will automatically create a token for the user which will be visible once

Set Programmatic User

  1. Go to settings in console
  2. Choose granularity of programmatic user:
    1. For organization level:
      Click on organization tab and choose Programmatic Users
    2. For account level:
      Click on account tab and choose Programmatic Users

    1. Fill the user Name, Description (Optional) and role
      ** For organization level programmatic users you need to define by multi-select the relevant account for the user, or just pick ‘Select All’ to allow the user access to entire organization. **
  4. Finally, upon user creation you get users’ token:
    Remember to save the token in a secured manner.
  5. That’s it! you can start using your programmatic user