Cost Analysis

Cloud Analyzer’s Cost Analysis tool provides insights on past, current, and future cloud costs. It includes the following information:

  • Summary line:
    • Total Current month to date costs as well as a comparison to the previous month in percentage.
    • Projected monthly costs with a comparison to the previous month in percentage.
    • The previous week’s missed savings. This value indicates the savings that could be achieved with optimization using Spot instances and reservations.
  • Account efficiency indicators:  Each cloud account is assigned an efficiency score based on current and additional potential savings (Efficiency % = Current Savings / Potential savings*100). The efficiency indicators highlight the accounts that have the highest potential for spend reduction. Accounts that are not yet connected, can be quickly linked to the Spotinst platform.
  • Top Accounts: A view which helps organizations with multiple cloud accounts quickly identify high spend accounts in an intuitive chart. The chart will display the top 10 accounts in terms of cloud spend. It can filtered for the last month and the current month.

Spend Analysis

The Spend Analysis chart and table provide a breakdown of the organization’s costs. These tools help customers govern their organizational, account, departmental or project costs easily by gaining a detailed view of their historical, current and projected costs.

The chart and table show the cost breakdown for each of the following:

  • Cloud account
  • Tag
  • Service
  • Lifecycle
  • Region
  • Operating system

In addition, every tab can be further filtered by:

  • Cloud providers
  • Cloud Accounts
  • Services (ie. EC2, ECS, RDS, etc..)
  • Time

The table has an Amortized view switch, which is on by default. In this view, upfront RI payments will be spread across the RI commitment length. That enables you to see costs in accrual-based accounting as opposed to cash-based accounting.

On top of a breakdown of past as well as the current month’s costs, the Spend Analysis graph also provides cost projections by reflecting the current spending trends on to the future. Below the chart you can find the visualized numbers displayed in table format which can be exported to CSV.