Once Spotinst ECO is connected to your cloud account, a short period of data aggregation begins, which usually lasts up to 24 hours. Once the account’s usage and billing reports are completely analysed, Spotinst Eco will display a Reservation Analysis dashboard that is composed of the following:

  • High level Analysis
    • Potential yearly savings: Potential savings that can be achieved by fully running the projected yearly On-Demand use on RI.
    • All time waste: A summary of unused RI purchases
    • Last weeks missed savings: On-Demand instances that could have been covered by RI in the last week alone.
    • Current RI coverage: The percentage of On-Demand instances currently covered by Reservations.
  • Possible yearly savings: A pie chart that breaks down the potential yearly savings per service.
  • Reserved Instance Waste: A bar graph that shows all time unused Reservations per month, split up into services.




The next step is hitting the “Get Started” button. Spotinst Eco will bring forward suggestions for optimal RI portfolio strategies, and the customer provides the commitment length and amount parameters.

Once the strategy is set, Spotinst Eco can move to the active execution stage, where it will present the Overview Dashboard.