Introducing Stateful Instance Actions

With Stateful instance actions you can change the instance state while keeping its data and IPs. In order to change the state, in the Elastigroup Management view click on the Instances tab and select the desired instance(s).

Available Actions

Pause: Equivalent to stopping the instance from AWS. All the data is saved (Based on the stateful configuration), the actual Spot instance is terminated and when it is resumed, it’s exactly in the same state in terms of data and network interfaces. 

Resume: This will be used to start the instance after pausing it. 

Recycle: Equivalent to rebooting or restarting the machine. Of course, all the data will be saved. 

Deallocate: Delete all resources (Root volume, data volumes, snapshot and network interfaces) and terminate the instance. We will keep the last snapshot (and in cases of re-attaching – the volumes) for 96 hours and then remove them. When deallocating a machine, its data will be lost

Caution: Downsizing the Elastigroup’s capacity without deallocating the instances may result in some resources not being deleted, despite the instance termination. To properly downsize the capacity, deallocate the relevant instances using the instances tab.