Grid Engine software manages workload placement automatically, maximizes shared resources, supports extreme scale, provides enterprise-grade dependability and accelerates deployment of any container, application or service in any technology environment, on-premise or in the cloud.

Spotinst Elastigroup supports Grid Engine workloads using a proprietary controller that monitors the Grid Engine queue and launches Low-Priorty VM’s once there is a pending Jobs in the queue.

In order to integrate Grid Engine with Spotinst Elastigroup, please use the following steps:

1. Create Spotinst Token
2. Copy Spotinst Account ID from the console:

  1. Install the controller on Master host server using the following commands using the Token and Account ID from the previous steps:
    > source $SGE_ROOT/default/common/settings.sh
    > curl -fsSL https://spotinst-public.s3.amazonaws.com/integrations/hpc/gridengine/controller/scripts/install.sh | \
    SPOTINST_TOKEN=redacted \
    SPOTINST_ACCOUNT=redacted \