In order to allow Spotinst to manage GCP resources, it is necessary to authenticate Spotinst with a relevant GCP Project.

  1. Go to the Spotinst Console.
  2. In the Welcome page, select Google Cloud Platform.

  3. Follow steps to generate service account key:

Step 1: Login to the google cloud project you would like Spotinst to connect to.
Use button for quick navigation.

Step 2: Navigate to Service Account and select your project.
Use button for quick navigation.

Step 3: Create a service account for Spotinst actions. name it as wizard instructs:

On Spotinst console:

On GCP console:


Step 4: Grant your service account editor permissions and create a JSON key


Save the JSON file.


Step 5: Upload a Service Account Key – browse the JSON file previously created


Click on connect to finish the process.
We’ll check connectivity to your GCP account, and you’re all set to create first Elastigroup.