Spotinst Ocean is a serverless compute engine solution that abstracts containers from the underlying infrastructure and allows engineering teams to focus their time and efforts on building applications and shipping containers, rather than selecting VM’s, utilizing them, and configuring scaling policies when the application reaches peak traffic

With Spotinst Ocean, engineering teams no longer need to worry about managing VM’s to run their container workloads, as Ocean will always select the most suitable instance type on which the containers will run. 

Spotinst Ocean holds many advantages in running container workloads in the cloud, please read this blog in order to understand the full benefits.

Ocean for Kubernetes:

  1. AWS:
    1. Create an EKS-based Ocean cluster
      1. Watch the Video Tutorial 
    2. Import a K8s Cluster into Ocean. 
      1. Watch the Video Tutorial 
  2. GKE: 
    1. Create a GKE-based Ocean cluster

Ocean for ECS:

  1. Create an ECS-based Ocean cluster 
    1. Watch the Video Tutorial