What is AMI Auto Backup?

The AMI Auto Backup feature allows data persistence within an Elastigroup. This feature creates an image from the running instance in the Elastigroup and updates the group with the newly created image. By default, a record of 3 images taken by the AMI auto backup are kept, these will be the 3 latest images. Upon Spot replacement, Elastigroup will recover from the latest image automatically.

The image is taken from the latest launched instance and will be applied as AMI to any future launched instance in the same Elastigroup until the next backup.

Setting The AMI Auto Backup Feature

In the group configuration, go to “Compute” tab, under “Additional configurations” section, choose the AMI auto backup feature:


Then, you can choose the frequency of image creation:



  • Continuous option will create a backup every 10 minutes.
  • You can use the “Custom” option and set a Cron expression to meet your needs.