The Serverless document store allows users to store documents in the environment where their function is running. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. Make a simple HTTP request – GET, POST, or DELETE – or use simple in-function SDK command to interact with the document store.
  2. The requests are sent securely to a local data store within your environment. With a 1-2ms response time.

This data can then be accessed between function invocations and by multiple functions that are in the same environment. Basically, Spotinst’s Serverless Document Store is exposing an HTTP-based endpoint through which users can fetch stored documents at low latency and at any scale.

The Serverless Document Store can be used to create and store any document up to 5MB with any key. Authorization and identification are handled internally by Spotinst Functions. No other resource or endpoint can access the document unless it is in your Spotinst Function Environment, providing total isolation.