Ocean enables you to discover how much you spent on your applications by using Ocean’s Showback feature

In a containerized world, in which multiple applications & services share the same infrastructure, it’s often hard to distinguish the costs of different applications, services and environments.

Ocean Showback breaks down the infrastructure costs of the Kubernetes/ECS cluster and provides insights on each of the layers and application which can later be used to analyze the applications’ costs and perform chargebacks.

To calculate the actual costs, Ocean first calculates the total compute costs for the cluster, Then the relative resource allocation per pod/task is calculated.

For example, if your pod/task requests 1 vCPU and 1 GiB of RAM out of a total of 20 vCPUs and 20 GiB of RAM, this pod/task is allocated 5% of the available resources.

Finally, Ocean aggregates the pods/task allocated resources for each Kubernetes deployment & namespace or ECS Service , then multiplies it by the total compute costs.

In order to use the showback feature please navigate inside Ocean to “Cost” tab inside your Ocean cluster:

For Kubernetes clusters, Showback is showing the various costs by namepsace and breaking them down into different kinds of controller types (as well as Standalone pods):

  • deployments
  • daemonSets
  • statefulSets
  • cronJobs

For each controller type (or for all Standalone pods) the system shows the total cost as well as its relative percentage of the total namespace costs:


For ECS clusters Showback displays the costs per Service:

For each service its costs and percentage of total cluster costs are displayed.

Time filters can be set to filter the data by relevant time frame.

Moreover, showback data can be consumed by custom time filters via API call.