URL Parameters

Parameter Type Description

The Spotinst accountId associated with your token.

Example: act-123abc

Ocean cluster launchSpec ID. Can get launchSpec id with get call.


  "Authorization": "Bearer ${token}",
  "Content-Type": "application/json"
	"launchSpec": {
      "labels": [
          "key": "env",
          "value": "test"

Body Attributes

Attribute Type Description
launchSpec.oceanId * String

The Ocean cluster ID. required for launchSpec create.

launchSpec.imageId String

Set image ID. Can be null

launchSpec.userData String

Set user data script in Base64-encoded MIME

launchSpec.iamInstanceProfile Object

The instance profile iamRole object

launchSpec.iamInstanceProfile.arn String

The iamRole arn. If set - do not set launchSpec.iamInstanceProfile.name

launchSpec.iamInstanceProfile.name String

The iamRole name. If set - do not set launchSpec.iamInstanceProfile.arn

launchSpec.securityGroupIds Array<String>

Set security groups. Each element in array should be security group ID

launchSpec.rootVolumeSize Integer

Set root volume size (in GB)

launchSpec.labels Array<Object>

Add labels to cluster

launchSpec.labels.key String

Set label key

launchSpec.labels.value String

Set label value

launchSpec.taints Array<Object>

Add taints to cluster

launchSpec.taints.key String

Set taints key

launchSpec.taints.value String

Set taints value

launchSpec.taints.effect String

Set taints effect

Example: NoSchedule
launchSpec.subnetIds Array<String>

Set subnets in launchSpec. Each element in array should be subnet ID

launchSpec.autoScale Object

launchSpec.autoScale.headrooms Array<Object>

Set custom headroom per launch spec. provide list of launchSpec.autoscale.headrooms object

launchSpec.autoScale.headrooms.cpuPerUnit Integer

configure the number of CPUs to allocate the headroom. CPUs are denoted in millicores, where 1000 millicores = 1 vCPU

Example: 2000
launchSpec.autoScale.headrooms.memoryPerUnit Integer

Configure the amount of memory (MiB) to allocate the headroom.

Example: 2048
launchSpec.autoScale.headrooms.gpuPerUnit Integer

How much GPU allocate for headroom unit

Example: 1
launchSpec.autoScale.headrooms.numOfUnits Integer

The number of units to retain as headroom, where each unit has the defined headroom CPU and memory.

Example: 3
Response - 200

    "request": {
        "id": "XXXXXXX-abce-XXXX-XXXX-XXX11111XXXX",
        "url": "/ocean/aws/k8s/launchSpec/ols-123?accountId=XXXXXXXX",
        "method": "put",
        "timestamp": "2019-02-19T18:25:51.767Z"
    "response": {
        "status": {
            "code": 200,
            "message": "OK"
        "kind": "spotinst:ocean:aws:k8s",
        "items": [
                "id": "ols-123",
                "oceanId": "o-123",
                "securityGroupIds": [
                "rootVolumeSize": 8,
				"labels": [
                        "key": "env",
                        "value": "test"
                        "key": "creator",
                        "value": "test"
                "taints": [ 
				      "key": "taintKey",
				      "value": "taintValue",
				      "effect": "NoSchedule"
				"subnetIds": [
                "autoScale": {
                	"headrooms": [
    	              "cpuPerUnit": 1000,
        	          "memoryPerUnit": 2048,
            	      "gpuPerUnit": 0,
                	  "numOfUnits": 3
                "createdAt": "2019-02-19T18:25:51.752Z",
                "updatedAt": "2019-02-19T18:25:51.752Z"
        "count": 1